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These directions (not included for Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail) are best used in conjunction with the maps found in the Rebel's Retreat and Otter Creek Wandering Map/Brochure, Bicycling the Champlain Islands guide , Cycle the City! Guide,or the Island Line brochure which you can order online. Loops are also found in the third edition of the Lake Champlain Region Bikeways Map & Guide. Use your browser's Print button to print this page.
Vermont Theme Loops
Rebel's Retreat*
Otter Creek Wandering*
Cycle the City
Island Line
Stone Castles
Island Life
A Trail to Two Beaches
A Legacy of Ancient Stone
Liquid Elixir
Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail

Vermont Theme Loops

Rebel's Retreat

Route Directions - 
Vergennes, Panton & Addison, Vermont

Mile Point	
0.0	Head South at Vergennes Green - intersection of Main and Green Streets.
0.2	Cross Otter Creek at bottom of hill.
0.3	Turn R on Canal Street immediately after bridge.
0.4	Turn L on West Street - Falls Park on right.
0.7	Turn R on Panton Road.
2.0	Turn R on Basin Harbor Road.
3.1	Hillcrest Campground
3.9	Otter Creek on right.
5.3	Turn R on Kellogg Bay Road (unpaved).
7.0	Turn L on Schoolhouse Road.
8.5	Turn L on Basin Harbor Rd - Basin Harbor Club and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum on right.
8.8	Turn R on Button Bay Road. 
9.5	Button Bay State Park
10.7	Turn R on Arnold Bay Road (unpaved for a short section).
12.4	Cross Adams Ferry Road - Turn L on Adams Ferry Road (unpaved) to head back to Vergennes.
13.1	Turn R on Lake Road.
16.1	Yankee Kingdom Orchard and Bakery
19.4	Turn R on Route 17 at West Addison General Store.
19.7	Vermont's Own Products
20.2	D.A.R. State Park
21.1	Hospital Cabins
21.5	Turn L on Route 125E (location of Champlain Bridge, Chimney Point State Historic Site & Bridge Restaurant.
22.0	Sportsmans Cottages
22.4	Griffens Ten Acre Campground
25.3	Turn L on Basin Harbor Road.
26.8	Basin Harbor Road turns into Jersey Street.
30.4	Turn R on Route 17.
31.3	Turn L on Jersey Street (unpaved).
32.5	Turn R on Goodrich Corners Road (unpaved), bear left and continue on Jersey Street (unpaved).
36.8	Bear R on Pease Road.
37.4	Turn R on Panton Road (Burnett's Country Store on left). 
        Traffic can be heavy on Panton Road in early morning and late afternoon.
        Webster Road is an alternative.                                    
41.8	Turn L on West Street. 
42.1	Turn R on Canal Street - Falls Park on left.
42.2	Turn L on 22A and cross Otter Creek.
42.5	Vergennes Green - intersection of Main and Green Streets.

Otter Creek Wandering
Route Directions - 
Vergennes, Weybridge & Middlebury, Vermont

Outer Loop
Mile Point
0.0	Head South at Vergennes Green - intersection of Main and Green Streets.
0.2	Cross Otter Creek.
0.7	Strong House B&B
0.8	Turn L on Hopkins Road (unpaved ahead for a short section).
3.0	Turn L on East Road, turns into Otter Creek Road (unpaved mp 4.0 - 7.0).
7.0	Turn L on Route 17. 
7.8	Turn R on Route 23.
9.6	Otter Creek
12.7	Weybridge Village
15.6	Turn L on Route 125 to downtown Middlebury.
15.8	Downtown Middlebury - cross Otter Creek. 
16.0	Turn L on Seymour Street leaving downtown.
16.3	Turn L at Greg's Meat Market - Train Station.
16.4	Bear R after bridge underpass.
16.9	Cross Pulp Mill Covered Bridge - USE CAUTION.
17.0	Bear R and continue on Morgan Horse Farm Road.
18.3	Morgan Horse Farm
20.5	Cross New Haven River - becomes Pearson Road which has intermittent sections of unpaved surfaces.
23.4	Pearson Road turns into Green Street.
28.5	Vergennes Green - intersection of Main and Green Streets.

Middle Segment
0.0	Head South at Vergennes Green - intersection of Main and Green Streets.
0.1	Turn L on Maple Street.
6.3	Cross Route 17 - Maple Street turns into Quaker Village Road.
8.7	Cross Otter Creek - entering Weybridge Village.
10.7	Turn L on Route 23.
10.8	L on Hamilton Road (unpaved for a short section).
12.3	R on Morgan Horse Farm Road.
12.9	Morgan Horse Farm
14.2	Turn L on Pulp Mill Bridge Road and cross bridge - USE CAUTION.
14.8	Bear L under bridge.
14.9	Turn R on Seymour Street (Train Station and Greg's Meat Market on left).
15.2	Turn R on Main Street into downtown Middlebury.
15.4	Turn R on Route 125 and R on Route 23 to Head North to Weybridge and Vergennes.
Cycle the City
Route Directions - 
Burlington, Vermont

Mile Point	
0.0		Loop begins at the lakeside of Union Station.
		Head north on bikepath along lake.
2.5		Turn R at Leddy Park and leave parking lot.
3.1		Turn R on North Avenue.  Stay on sidewalk.
3.3		Cross North Avenue to enter Ethan Allen Park.
3.8		At fork, stay R.
4.3		Cross bridge and turn R onto bikepath.  
4.7		Bear L to stay along river (unpaved until Riverside Avenue).
7.6		Cross Riverside Avenue.
8.1		Cross Pearl Street.
8.4		Cross Main Street. 
8.6		Turn R on Maple Street.
8.8		Turn L on Willard Street.
9.3		Turn R on Howard Street.
9.7	 	Turn R on Pine Street.
10.2		Turn L on Maple Street.
10.3		Turn R on Battery Street.
10.5   		At foot of Main Street, turn L to end at Union Station.
Stone Castles
Route Directions - 
South Hero & Grand Isle, Vermont

Mile Point
0.0	Grand Isle Ferry Dock
0.0	R on West Shore Road/Route 314.
0.7	R on West Shore Road (unpaved until South Street).
6.1	L on South Street.
7.9	L on U.S. Route 2.
11.5	L on Pearl Street.
12.6	L on Bell Hill Road.
13.4	Grand Isle Ferry Dock
Island Line

Directions not available, however a free guide may be ordered online w/ a detailed map


Island Life

Route Directions -
Grand Isle, Vermont

Mile Point
0.0	Grand Isle Ferry Dock
0.0	L on West Shore Road./ Route 314.
1.0	L staying on West Shore Road.
3.1	R on Mocassin Avenue.
4.5	R on Reynolds Road.
5.5	L on Hyde Road.
6.3	R on U.S. Route 2.
6.9	L on East Shore Road South.
8.9	R on State Park Road.
9.6	L on U.S. Route 2.
9.7	R on Pearl Street.
10.8	L on Bell Hill Road.
11.6	Grand Isle Ferry Dock

A Trail to Two Beaches

Route Directions -
Alburg & North Hero, Vermont

Mile Point (Alburg Dunes start point)


Mile Point
(North Hero
start point)


Alburg Dunes State Park parking lot. Head East on "beach road" (unpaved until Route 2).



Exit park through gate, cross road, down hill, L on Poor Farm Road.



R on US 2. Cross bridge & continue south. (or L then L onto 129 to ride only the Alburg circuit).



L onto Jerusalem Place as US 2 bears right.



L onto Lakeview Drive.



R into North Hero State Park.



State Park Beach. Turn around point. Continue or...

Begin at North Hero State Park.




Exit park. R onto Lakeview Drive.



R onto Bridge Road.



R onto US 2. Cross bridge & continue north (or L and south to Jerusalem Place to ride only the North Hero circuit).



L onto VT Route 129.



L onto Coon Point Road (unpaved until route 2).



L and enter Alburg Dunes State Park. Ride to beach parking lot.


A Legacy of Ancient Stone
Route Directions -
Isle La Motte, Vermont

Mile Point
0.0	St. Anne's Shrine pavilion.
	L onto Shrine Road/West Shore Road.
1.1	R onto West Shore Road. Shrine Road bears L and becomes School Street.
2.4	Public lake access.
3.7     Unpaved for 1.3 miles.
5.0	Keep L on the Main Road (pavement resumes).
7.4	Village of Isle La Motte/the four corners.
9.0	L onto Shrine Road.
10.0	Bear L at "Y" following paved road.
10.1	St. Anne's Shrine pavilion.
Liquid Elixir
Route Directions -
Alburg, Vermont

Mile Point
0.0	Alburg Rail Trail parking area.
0.0     Head East (unpaved for 3.8 miles).
1.5	Rail Trail crosses VT Route 78.
3.3	End of Alburg Rail Trail.
3.4	R at intersection (no street name).
3.6	R at intersection (no street name).
3.8	L onto VT Route 78 (pavement resumes for 1.7 miles).
4.2	R onto Alburg Spring Road.  Keep R.
5.5	L onto Lake Street (unpaved for 5.0 miles).
6.2	R onto Greenwood Road.
7.3	Keep L at intersection with cemetery.
8.3	Intersection with Martel Road.
9.6	L onto Blair Road/Bush Road.
10.5	L onto Border Road.
10.5	L onto VT Route 2 (pavement resumes).
10.7	Welcome Center.
11.4	L to Industrial Park entrance.
11.7	Alburg Rail Trail parking area.

Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail
Detailed directions are not available online for this trail; however, a free guide may be ordered online with written directions of trail segments and directions for connecting to the Lake Champlain Bikeways principal route in St. Albans, VT.

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