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Principal Route
Principal Route

Champlain Bikeway - East, North Bound Alternates

Whitehall, NY to Bridport, NY

Mile Point

Alternate 1E

1.1		Intersection of Cty. Rts. 9 & 10 (mp 1.1) head east on Route 9.
3.3		Fork L onto Carleton Rd.
6.3		Turn R on County Route 11.
9.1		Continue straight on 22A south in Fair Haven VT.
9.2		Turn L on River St.
11.5		Turn L on Blissville Rd.
12.3		Castleton Corners - Turn R on Route 4A east.	
13.6		Turn L on Route 30 north	
20.8		Pass Woods Road to Hubbardton Battlefield on R.	
39.9		Turn L on Cider Mill Rd. after passing center of Cornwall	
41.7		Turn L on Rt. 125 west.	
48.1		Turn R on Rt. 22A north.	
48.6		Turn L on Rt. 125 west.	
52.7		Continue on Rt. 125 at intersection with Lake St. (mp 43.9).	

Alternate 2E - Ferrisburgh to Shelburne

70.8		Stay straight on Rt. 7 at intersection with Greenbush Rd. (mp 70.8)	
73.3		Turn R at Jimmo's Motel in No. Ferrisburgh to Mount Philo Rd. 	           
73.6		Turn L on Mount Philo Rd. at State Park.	
74.1		Continue straight up hill at fork.	
81.6		Continue straight on at Four-way STOP at Marsett Rd. in Shelburne (mp 85.0)	

Alternate 3E - South Hero to Grand Isle

117.4		Continue straight on Rt. 2 at intersection with Landon Rd. (mp 117.9).
125.7		Pass Hyde Log Cabin on R.
128.1		Continue straight on Rt.  2 at intersection with East Shore No. (mp 136.1).

Alternate 4E - Isle La Motte Loop

148.7		Turn  L at  bridge to Isle La Motte and St. Anne's Shrine (mp 148.7).
149.8		Turn  R to St. Anne's Shrine.
152.1		Turn L to cross Island. (Next L south is also paved.)
153		Turn  L on Route 129 just past Post Office.
155.8		Leave Isle La Motte, turn L after bridge to Alburg (mp 148.7)

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